Sunday, February 5, 2012

Collin County- May You Rest In Peace Debra Stansell.

Although I feel I have been a very determined citizen, promising to bring to fore that what I faced that June morning in 2009 was not a mere arrest warrant but what most Americans would consider an all too real modern day posse', ….or possibly more appropriately an "Assassination Squad", I believe there was one person that displayed a cognate, reasoning, and perhaps even best described as a “maternally instinctive perspective” among the Frisco Police Department. 

Among all of Frisco P.D.'s madness, testosterone overload, vigilante persona, was someone that I felt saw through what was perceived, and saw a traumatic truth ! That person was Detective Debra Leigh Stansell of the Frisco Police Department.

Unfortunate Detective Stansell took her own life this past week, and will not be available at my trial to express that “cognate, reasoned, maternal instinct”, and I am troubled with how it may influence the outcome of my upcoming trial.

Moreover, I have a heavy heart for the great loss that her family has suffered, especially her children! I know first hand what it is like to lose a mother at a young age, I was only nine when my mother died of cancer. It is an incomprehensible loss to describe to anyone that has never experienced such a loss personally. Its just one of those things that a “I understand” does not qualify as a condolence. It is something that grips a child's heart, and cuts a deep hole to the core. Only time, immediate family support and a strong faith I believe will heal such a wound caused by the loss of a mother. My prayers and a sincere heart felt sympathy goes out to all of Detective Stansell's children.

I experienced Detective Stansell's maternal instincts personally, and I do not make light of them, and say so with all due respect. I am certain she knew from the onset that the whole debacle involving my actions and consequent arrest were caused by a major misconception that was exasperated by an over zealous police officer, and that my son had been the subject of my actions and that Officer Greer was not. Regardless of her actually knowing that Officer Greer was NEVER in any danger, the instinct that Detective Stansell brought to the fore was and remains profound!

Regardless of Detective Stansell remaining cognate of the fact that she was one of the lead officers and consequently early in her questioning of me phrased a very key question in a provocative manner. A question that could and in most cases would have solicited a self incriminating response from the person she was questioning, it was apparent she knew in her “maternal heart” that what had happened was about my son NOT AT ALL about Officer Greer.

Did you think it was your son that you were shooting at ?” Detective Stansell ask me in the very beginning of her interrogation, and then again in a [recorded] telephone conversation .

I didn't shoot AT anyone!” was my reply. She knew then and she knew afterward when Frisco P.D. decided to go into their “cover-up the big debacle that our inept officer caused !” 

Had I taken the bait and miss-spoke , I would have incriminated myself and gave credence to Officer Greers actions. Greer's words, were the source that prompted the assembling of what I have called the “assassination squad” that employed the three snipers on rooftops of my neighbor's homes, at ready to shoot me through my windows on command!

So now I have a new concern, because I feel that Detective Stansell would have held firm to her “maternal instincts” and upon giving her testimony in my trial. I also believe that Detective Stansell would have held herself to a higher standard and a moral compass that points north, and would have revealed that she knew that I in no way ever intended to shoot at Officer Greer OR ANYONE, let alone my own son. You see, I have a “paternal instinct” as well as a moral compass, that points north, as well! I am absolutely certain that Detective Stansell [who did not exhume the arrogant undue animosity] that her fellow officer and also lead Detective Sartain did. Detective Stansell I believe with all my heart, knew the night it happened that something was very wrong, and moreover, was noticeably disturbed at what had transpired the night I was arrested. Detective Stansell was not “playing good cop”, she was a good cop!

Now I am at odds with just how to approach the dilemma that has kept me captive, destroyed me financially and nearly destroyed my ability to make a living at all. As I said I have sworn to expose the events of that June night in 2009 for what they really were, and have NEVER had any doubts of being acquitted, but I do not want to assess and/or expose my suspicions of what may have contributed to Detective Stansell's decision to take her own life in the process. I am not a monster, but I have very much become a conspiracy theorist, and I pray that my situation did not add any stress or grief that contributed to such an egregious finale.

I am confident that Debra Stansell has found peace and no longer experiences any pain. Her family has truly lost a big part of what has made them all what they are today, and not one of them deserves to be confronted with anything that places them in a position to defend the life of their mother and wife, and that includes me. So as I contemplate where I go from here, in my own life's trauma I only want to say..........

May you rest in peace, Debra Stansell.

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