Friday, February 28, 2014

Writ of Habeas, Did the Collin County District Attorney know about the Frisco Police Department Evidence Tampering?

We've got the links to the Writ of Habeas just delivered to the court, please download and share the links, we want people to know what Frisco, Texas Police Department does when they realize they made multiple mistakes! 

 They tamper with Evidence.  

Did the Collin County DA know?  Once you read the counts, you'll wonder why not.   Even an untrained ear can hear the blanked out spot.  Multiple experts have now confirmed one another's work.   Even Everett Stern, who is running for US Congress in Pennsylvania has confirmed that the tape was "Criminally Altered".  Everett was the guy who found HSBC running terrorist funds through their bank.  Give him a like on facebook and follow him on twitter.  He's a rare breed.  We need more like him.    We certainly want someone to look into Det. Stansell's suspicious death as well.

We are inserting a screen shot of page 5 where the first count is mentioned.   Download the links below, it will make for interesting reading and share the links, we want people to know what is going on in Frisco Texas.  Especially when anyone could be the victim of a bogus 911 call, Police who don't announce themselves and ignore multiple protocols, and then realize they've made a mistake and then TAMPER WITH THE EVIDENCE.  

Please say a prayer for Mr. Bailey, this has been a long road for him as he did not have evidence that proved the tapes were tampered with before trial!  He had a "defense attorney" that was more of a prosecutor than defense and a PI that did nothing.      A friend of Mr. Bailey's found something on the tapes that bothered her and her gut told her there was foul play and she has taken the tapes to multiple experts to have them confirm one another's findings.   Mr. Bailey has too much on the line to take one person's word for the tampering.  You can see their affidavits and reports starting on the third link below.

In the meantime, we are thinking that there has to be a way to punish attorneys and PI's that fail to do the jobs they were paid to do by the state.  That is, to ensure that Mr. Bailey got a Constitutionally guaranteed fair trial.  The prosecutors office has a role as well, they either knew they were using tampered evidence or they didn't question the cops very much, because without a lazy, incompetent "public pretender", they wouldn't have gotten very far.  But that doesn't let them off the hook.

Mr. Bailey wouldn't  plead guilty to something he didn't do and agree to 10 years probation, so that is why there was a trial.  In addition, you'll note in the evidence attached in file #3, that his attorney (court appointed public "pretender" Greg Gibbs and Mark Ledbetter) agreed to utilize Mr. Bailey's strategy -which was the only reason Mr. Bailey agreed to have an attorney-he was ready to go it alone- I know, I wrote his opening and closing statements for him).

1)  The first file is the Habeas Cover Sheet required by the State of Texas.

2) The 2nd file, continues the motion.

3) The 3rd through 7th  files are attachments and evidence.

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