Saturday, August 30, 2014

Frisco Texas' Interim City Attorney Arrested, wonder if she knows the dirty details of who tampered with evidence in the Paul Bailey Case?

If she does, it might be an excellent opportunity for her to gain some leverage by turning on those in the City offices who tampered with the evidence used in the Paul Bailey trial.    On the other hand, now that her Ex Husband   Ex Judge Greg Brewer is using her arrest as a weapon against her, if she was embroiled in the whole sordid tampering with evidence herself, perhaps he should come forward himself at this time.

As it states below in the article "The affidavit (regarding her arrest) was included as evidence in a motion filed Thursday by Brewer’s ex-husband, Greg Brewer, former judge of the 366th District Court. He resigned his position in 2009."   Mr. Bailey was tried by Judge Brewer's successor, Ray Wheless.    But Judge Brewer would have still been on the bench when Mr. Bailey was arrested.   We wonder if he also knows something about the goings on in the Frisco PD.




Rebecca Hendricks Brewer

McKinney attorney Rebecca Hendricks Brewer, who serves as interim Frisco city attorney, was arrested Thursday for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
She was released from the Collin County Jail after posting a $25,000 cash bond.
The arrest stems from an argument that started Monday evening with her boyfriend, Michael Bulla, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.
Brewer, 46, is accused of holding .38 caliber handgun on Bulla, shooting out the windshield of his truck and cutting his arm with scissors, according to the document issued by the McKinney Police Department.
“Michael was fearful that Rebecca was going to shoot him,” the affidavit stated.
The affidavit was included as evidence in a motion filed Thursday by Brewer’s ex-husband, Greg Brewer, former judge of the 366th District Court. He resigned his position in 2009.
Greg Brewer sought a temporary restraining order against his ex-wife and custody of their three sons, ages 15, 13 and 11. The motion, which was granted Thursday, cited “serious and immediate threat to the safety and welfare of the children.”
The father’s motion also states that a minor child recently became “highly intoxicated” and had to be hospitalized while in Rebecca Brewer’s care.
Rebecca Brewer, who is listed as a director with law firm of Abernathy, Roeder, Boyd & Joplin, could not be reached for comment.
Brewer fills in when Frisco city attorney Richard Abernathy is unavailable. She has sat in on many meetings, including with City Council and the Planning and Zoning Commission, to offer legal advice. Meeting minutes list her as filling in as city attorney as early as March 1999.
Brewer also handles legal issues related to public records requests for the city of Frisco. She recently sought a legal opinion from the Texas Attorney General’s Office for information requests from multiple media outlets related to a double homicide in Frisco. A 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of fatally shooting his parents on Aug. 11.

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