Wednesday, October 22, 2014


By Paul Bailey

Take a look at the first pages of a 60B motion that I recently filed.  Notice the Second page where the Respondant was illegally altered by someone in the federal judges system.  Then you should peruse my response and then the illegal dismissal by Mazzant where he doesn't even address the illegalities that were committed in the federal court system itself!  We are just going to upload first page so you can compare the discrepancies- if you want to see entire document, just click on link below.

(link to document is below photo)

Now take a look at the document where the respondant was CHANGED by the court!

See Mr. Bailey's response pointing out the illegal alteration!

At this point Corrupt Magistrate Amos Mazzant ignores the illegalities which occurred in the courthouse (we can only assume it was under his direction) and dismissed the case saying it should have been filed in the original court where Judge Brenda T. Rhoades failed to enjoin Dallas from prosecuting Mr. Bailey for a debt which was previously and properly discharged in bankruptcy.   Why would the original court ever review their own errors?

Amos Mazzant Corrupt Magistrate from Plano Texas, Illegally altered Respondant in Federal Court System, Fox Guarding Henhouse
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