Saturday, February 1, 2014

Self-Defense Castle Law- Sound Engineer Finds Paul Bailey's warning to his son on the CAR AUDIO!

This is something we never considered possible.  Paul Bailey's warning to his son to get out of here Rick, was located by the latest sound engineer ON THE CAR AUDIO.  Remember, there is an approximate 4 second blanked out spot on Scott Greer's lapel mic.  We knew what had been blanked out, we just never knew it could be found on the car audio some 100+ feet away from the door.

Mr. Bailey's incompetent or collusive Public Pretender (Gregg Gibbs), allowed witnesses to just waive off the blanked out spot "as a glitch" without investigating further.   Furthermore, he never investigated the 5 minute blanked out spot on the Claussen tape.    We don't know if he ever knew anything about that spot, but we're pretty sure the Collin County Prosecutor should have known about it.    To make matters worse, Gregg Gibbs and his incompetent sidekick Mark Ledbetter, never bothered to make a list of tons of evidence never turned over to Mr. Bailey PRIOR TO TRIAL.  But that's another story.

Here are excerpts of the report to be filed soon with the court!

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