Thursday, January 30, 2014

Syncing the Frisco Police Altered Tampered Evidence Audios and Map

Since many people are visual we are posting the photograph illustrating the utter ridiculous notion that Greer could have been at the front door as he claimed he was and yet NOT GET THE GUNSHOT RECORDING ON HIS LAPEL MIC when it WAS recorded in the Car Audio some 100 feet away!

The next question is why was the audio tampered with? (We've already posted several results of analyses of various experts that say this was tampered with)--- was it solely to remove Mr. Bailey's call out to the son he believed was outside and who had been threatening him for days?  That seems to be the most likely reason, but they still left so much on the audio that proves Mr. Bailey's innocense.  Including Greer's own statements that "I don't think he could see me though" and "have Dispatch call the (reporting party) and have him tell him (Bailey) it's the (expletive)  Police!".

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