Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dallas Case- Dallas P.D. and Dallas County D.A. "Partners In Covering Up Crime"

As Collin County D. A.'s Office Continues To Run Interference For The Frisco P.D. They Enlist Another "Partner In Covering Up Crime", The Dallas P.D.

It remains to be seen what the Collin County Prosecutor's Office strategy will be in order to continue to effectively run interference for Frisco P.D.'s inept officers actions that propagated the "Vigilante Assassination Squad" outside of my home in Frisco on June 28, 2009. 

Just how far Collin County will go to avoid a civil law suit by this determined citizen [that has sworn to stand up for the truth], remains to be seen.

I continues to assert that I did what any responsible citizen would have done that June night in 2009,to  protect my property.  

Listen, I can not help that Frisco P.D.'s inept dispatcher 911 operator fell for a con game, [that propagated the]"Vigilante Assassination Squad". 

Nor can I help or even hope to explain why any police officer responding to a "welfare call" would banged repeatedly on ANYONE'S  door with his flashlight/club [at nearly midnight] especially in those circumstances ...let alone explain why he would not announce himself !.

And I will admit that having "passed" my criminal trial setting enough times to allow the "statute of limitations" for a civil lawsuit of a violation of my civil rights expire, was expected. However, I am certain they neglected to contemplate the exposure this blog would bring them.

Albeit this leads to the more obvious and therefore expected move to simply drop the charges, thus avoiding a malicious prosecution civil suit was also expected . 

BUT, I also expected that the Collin County D.A. could....or would not, willingly relinquish their bully pulpit allowing them to pass what they think will be an importunity for a reprieve, in  a trial against a "perceived inferior Pro Se defendant" however!  So the show goes on. 

I also understand that Frisco P.D. is considerably upset at me airing their dirty laundry. Well I say to them, keep a clean house and it won't smell bad, ...and not require a professional clean-up !

Perhaps more importantly I have realize [for some time now], that the Collin County D.A. Office now has more than one participant in their "Municipality Law Enforcement/Judiciary Buddy Program", where government entities assist each other on  keeping the ball in play long enough to wear down  their opponent and keeps the ball of corruption in motion ! 

I have had to accept that my more recent indictment by the Dallas County D.A.'s office is proof of that "Municipality Law Enforcement / Judiciary Buddy Program" and is only an extension of corruption in motion. 

Just like all the facts in the indictment for "Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon" by "Frisco P.D.'s partners in covering up their crimes" clearly point to a criminal prosecution that is not based on any violation of the law, but serves only as a means to hold off exposing Frisco P.D.'s "Vigilante Assassination Squad" and .....the inevitable civil law suit of malicious maliciously prosecuting me further!

So now the Dallas County D.A.'s Office, at the behest of the Dallas Police Dept. have joined forces with the City of Frisco Police Department and the Collin County Prosecutors Office against a man that has had to file bankruptcy because of the slanderous accusation that serves only to cover-up the inept actions that turns so volatile they ended in my near-death experience, attempting to recreate a criminal offense from what their own detective dismissed [SEVERAL YEARS AGO] as a civil dispute. 

It also remains to be seen if my Dallas County Court appointed attorney will peruse having the ridiculous ILLEGAL criminal prosecution halted by:  

#1 asserting my rights by having a Federal Court Judge enjoin  the illegal criminal prosecution as provided by federal bankruptcy law. A law that clearly shows that the debt was properly discharged AFTER the so-called victim was notified ....and then given an opportunity to have the debt excluded and/or set aside by objected   ....nearly three years ago.., by simply exerting then it was criminal! 

#2 Presenting the facts..... that the charges stems from a debt incurred by a legally formed Texas Corporation [therefore requires piercing the corporate vale], 

#3 Perhaps the fact that I was not even  in charge and/or the operations director [I was a stockholder I admit], at the time of the transaction in question [I had been hospitalized for surgery and out for several months]. I had returned to a business that had been depleted of all of it's capitol and simply began liquidating what was left.

All of the aforementioned would of course require that my court appointed attorney become engaged in my defense and examine the overwhelming facts, however. The facts that I have attempted more than five separate times to present to him !

He has however, just continue to pass the case again and again ...never once even accepting the copies I had prepared just for him ! My court appointed attorney has merely echoed what the prosecution is alleging, never once even as much as engaging in a conversation with me !

I MUST suppose his pursuit of political office may have him a bit distracted! 

But why should that be my concern ? 

Maybe he will make a better Judge, than a "court appointed attorney"...what do you think ?
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