Friday, March 2, 2012

Collin County- Frisco PD Partners In Crime, Bank of [Fraudclosing on] America !

Now going into the third year, the unwarranted and absolute “malicious prosecution”, that is predicated on covering up a far greater crime than even the “fabricated distortion” of the crime I remain charged for. A crime that has merit only in shrouding the crime(s) of The Frisco Police Department and the officers involved. Crime(s) that have proven to me that they will stop at no lie, twist any truth, conceal any evidence and/or destroy any life or livelihood to conceal their horrific malfeasance

I have actually come to the realization that the "attempted fraudulent foreclosure" was most likely initiated by insider involvement of one or more employees within Bank of [Fraudclosing] on America based in Plano Texas, only a few miles from my home. There is apparently no end to evil alliances

But, all things considered I just have to share with you the wise words of my daughter about it, because they simply will not stop echoeing profoundly in my mind and have laid heavy on my heart. This is what she feels is the catalyst that has brought me to this point, making the law suit against Bank of [Fraudclosing] on America necessary. A lawsuit that I have had to file as a Pro Se Plaintiff ! 

My daughter's words.....

"Dad, regardless of the terrible thing Rick did by lying to Frisco 911 Dispatch, The Frisco Police are supposed to be the experts! Right from the onset they should have stopped and evaluated properly and not naively jumped to such flawed conclusions. Beginning with Rick's own admitted proclamation that he was an unreliable person, and known for lying, the 911 operator should have been alerted that she was being scammed! And she should have clearly known from his actual location on her screen that something was wrong immediately, or at least long before it was elevated to the fiasco it ultimately became. She should have been properly trained to have known [in short order] that she was hearing "a premeditated scripted story". The fact that the call was coming from Ft Worth, should have made her realize then that something was wrong... when he told them he was in Oklahoma!”

"What Rick did was terrible! But Rick did not do anything nearly as terrible as what Frisco P.D. has done by continuing with their lies and cover-up ! They do not have the right to literally destroy an innocent man's life just to cover up their inept actions”

"I believe in my heart that Frisco P.D. is far more responsible for you possibly losing your home, than Rick! Regardless of what Bank of America's fraud and evil ways [and I am  not underscoring their own illegal evil lawlessness] , would not have ever had to enter into a loan modification gone bad if Frisco P.D. had not destroyed your reputation and ability to keep your credit line and your business running. They are the straw that broke your back... not Rick!

"Come on, Frisco P.D.... not only allowed Rick into the house to steal your identity and credit cards and then destroy your credit... they actually solicited him to come to your house! I know because they called me that morning asking where he was”

"Dad, Frisco P.D. facilitated exactly what you were trying to keep from happening, and now they have the audacity to drag out their ineptness and arrogant apathetic behavior to a point that you are now facing possibly losing the last thing you own!"

"I was blown away when they called me right after you were arrested, and told me they were waiting on him! I told them then, before he even got there not to let him in, let alone leave him in charge ! Where is the recording of my conversation with Frisco PD that morning, and the night before ?”

"Rick was wrong,... but Rick was on drugs and desperate!! Frisco P.D's actions have been deliberate, calculated and down-right evil! Does anyone within 'that law enforcement agency' even have the slightest bit of integrity and understand that 'To Serve and Protect' means that they are law enforcement ...not 'THE LAW.., prosecution and executors'?”

"I think you need to take this whole fiasco hard core public and quit going along with playing the game by their rules,.because they make the rules up as they go along ! I know you know and anyone with normal brain function  knows that it's really all about not exposing a huge debacle that has now gone totally out of control."

"Dad, Frisco would be happy if you died of yet another heart attack from this thing and died . I really believe they would be . Anything that would eliminate their having to admit the truth, they were wrong and they continue to make their wrong greater everyday this thing goes on and your life suffers!”

So here is an update on that lawsuit that I have had to file as a Pro Se Plaintiff ! Round #1 to Plaintiff, Round #2 to Plaintiff, and Round #3 to to trial we go, the Defendants "Motion to Dismiss" ruling "DENIED" !

Not twos bad for an unedumacated "Messianic Jew" huh ?? ! 

With all due respect the glory goes to my Lord Jesus Christ , without him i would have surely failed !

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