Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Collin County- Frisco Police Department

What Do You Think 

Of The 

Frisco Police Department ?

Did Officer Greer and/or Officer Copeland of The Frisco Police Department have a clear cognate understanding....at the very minimum of what their actions would ultimately bring to pass, that June night in 2009!

Do you think the combination of the the actions, of Frisco Police Officer Greer, responding to the request of his cohort 911/Dispatcher Officer, Delanna Copeland on duty that June Sunday night in 2009, regarding a 911 requested “welfare call” predicated on ONLY a con man's game to use the Frisco P.D. to be the point man to a resident's home that he knew all along that was at ready expecting him [not Frisco P.D] to come blasting through the door at any moment, inept, a bit naive,..or possibly even contribute substantially to the outcome of this resident being wrongfully charged with "Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon" ?

Were the actions of 911/Dispatcher Officer, Delanna Copeland'“inept” by blindly accepting what the caller was saying as to the resident being, distraught, very depressed, had likely been drinking heavily, possibly on drugs having recently experiencing adverse financial repercussions from a failing business and in possession of at least one hand gun and suicidal, justified? 

Or should she have required more than just an "OBVIOUS MELODRAMATIC  PERFORMANCE" from the caller to institute a “welfare call”, that would then be perpetuated by Officer Greer's own inept actions, by "banging" on my door with his club/flashlight [though I am certain he will deny that] .

Just how much should have Officer Copeland emphasized to Officer Greer  to insure she had created enough concern and/or caution in Officer Greer responding to the “welfare call”? Was she really cognate of the callers "con game" he had spent so many years masterfully perfecting!??

Is it really a good policy for an Officer, arriving at my home late at night to  park his squad car out of sight of the residence of a "welfare call" recipient ...or should officers park in plain sight of the welfare call recipients house. And should they really shut off the lights of the squad car of a "welfare call" recipients home, in plan view? After all, it is a "welfare call"...not a domestic dispute, right? OR ..should they do as Officer Greer did having parked in front of my neighbors two houses down instead? Do you think that shutting off the lights to his squad car, requiring him to then walk to the "welfare call" resident's house... of the supposedly .....a "suicidal and/or severely distraught" person's home essentially undetected? Because, that is exactly what Officer Greer  did.

Does the actions of, having turning off the lights to a squad car, like Officer Greer did create in your mind an atmosphere far more  conducive to a someone was uninvited in the least, or maybe possibly even an intruder or ...or even a burglar, in your mind...?

What do you think? Perhaps, Officer Greer felt that after he had parked his car in front of the neighbors house, then walked undetected to the residents house, he could better announce his arrival more appropriately as a Police Officer making a “welfare call” by immediately commenced to hammer on the resident door with his flash light/club at 11:28 P.M. on a Sunday night . One might that he "should have"!

 Perhaps Officer Greer thought that after parking in front of my neighbors house two doors down, then turning off the lights, walking undetected to the front door, then commencing to hammering on the front door with his flashlight/club ....that it would be obvious to ANY resident at 1128 PM on a Sunday night and that there was certainly no need for alarm....and certainly no need for him to announce himself, as being a Police Officer ??!! Because Officer Greer never did announce himself as a Police Officer...or anyone for that matter!

Perhaps Officer Greer was correct in concluded that in such an event the resident should automatically assume that he was a Police Officer ! Or do you think that such assumptions could possibly pose a potential serious danger. What if the resident was anticipating a violent, unwanted person that had criminal intentions?

 The resident certainly should not have assumed it was perhaps a Priest, a neighbor in distress, or possibly even The Pope ? Or do you think that  being at 11:28 P.M. on a Sunday evening in itself should pose a need for some due diligence ?

Or are all residents be expected to be clairvoyant, and ONLY expect a officer of the law to knock on their door at 11:28 PM on a Sunday? Does that sound reasonable to you?

Do you think that all Officers  need not give even the smallest indication as to who they are at a residents door even matters, after all they are “The Law”!

Should the resident simply open their door and stick their heads out regardless of overcast skies, rainy weather, darkness, their porch light possibly being burnt out, and certainly no car lights ....because their would be no indication .... and possibility to CLEARLY see anyone, beyond perhaps a silhouette threw their windows.....Just to make sure it wasn't a police officer...or a priest, ...or maybe even the Pope? 

I think that the police think YOU REALLY SHOULD BE CLAIRVOYANT, or perhaps be one of them......everyone knows that they are flawless, always right, never lie, nor.... even distort the truth. 

But honestly.....if you think that ...I think you watch too many cop shows !

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