Wednesday, June 18, 2014


By Paul Bailey

Although Collin County’s prosecution/cover up of the City of Frisco’s malfeasance shall ultimately be revealed as the latest case of how law enforcement alters/falsifies evidence (in collusion with judicial, prosecutor, and dare I say Defense attorney misconduct) in order to obtain a conviction from the cohorts in corruption we’re trying to address.

Collin County's and Dallas County's prosecution of Paul Bailey is the winner of the award for “most aggrievous act of malicious prosecution” by a judiciary.

The premeditated, collusive act that ultimately provided Dallas County DA his own trophy may even shock you. Only after many hours of reviewing the past evidence and legal precedent was the conclusion arrived at that the appeal needs to be that of malicious prosecution/actual evidence, actual innocence. There is simply so many grounds to overwhelm, to overturn the conviction; the only way to describe them is convoluted. There are so many numerous illegalities, there’s evidence of multiple improprieties, curious interpretation of law and acts judicial misconduct no other premise may be deemed appropriate.

These aggregious acts are believed, that the case will set yet another standard in obstruction of justice and judicial impropriety.

A premeditated collusion of various law enforcement, court officials and/or attorney is fundamentally obvious. In fact too numerous are the infractions of obvious power that a priority alignment of the declaration has not yet been assigned.

Although not yet confirmed will be the fact that a proper investigation by Detective Cox of the FBI, Dallas Cyber Squad had assigned and published its prosecution report dismissing the matter properly as a civil matter, civil matter in quotation, in 2009. Certainly since the prosecution and the court appointed PI lied (on the record) by the way, they said that Detective Cox had retired and they had no way of knowing where he was or how to contact him at the time of trial. Imagine not being able to find an FBI agent. Detective Cox was and remains a employed to this day by Dallas PD and the FBI right here in Dallas. It is obvious that Detective Cox wanted nothing to do with the Collin/Dallas County DA’s highly illegal ruse and he refused to go along with the outrageous perjury/judicial misconduct, (I digress, friends there remains someone in law enforcement who has a properly aligned moral compass).

But then again so is the attorney Jim Baumgartner, who represented me in bankruptcy, then died unexpectedly just a couple of days before my trial. There of course was another one that was then unable to respond to a subpoena (like Officer Debra Stansell whose untimely death made her unavailable for my Collin County Trial), especially bad since he would have testified to his instructing me (Bailey) to sell the vehicles in question in a liquidation of corporate asset. His death was devastating to his family and to me, Paul Bailey.

There are many of other improprieties and illegalities and certainly unusual circumstances that should be placed first like the liquidation and/or act itself. That followed a four month disappearance act of the so-called victim. Bailey’s office manager at the time, Christina Rynearson since her health had taken a sudden turn for the worse and made her unable to answer her subpoena. Judge Hawthorne wouldn’t let her affidavit be admitted as evidence although it was notarized and has been used in a previous court hearing. She was prepared to testify by phone but that wasn’t allowed either.

Everything Bailey attempted to submit as evidence was denied by Judge Hawthorne and even the evidence that the Dallas prosecution provided is highly suspect. Take a look at the Detective Cox report, imagine that a prosecution can simply black out sections that are providing the defense as evidence and get away with it. The bottom line is that the Dallas DA, District Collins DA simply swooped in and stole Superman’s cape as they flew around the court room unchecked, allowed to have all of Bailey’s objections overruled. The ever pompous Judge Hawthorne was ever present, kangaroo court?? Kangaroo court??

At this point we’re unable to show the official court record as all requests were denied without written order thus far. Judge Teresa Hawthorne denied every legal remedy requested by Paul Bailey.

Maybe we’ll start with the fact that an unopposed hearing of bankruptcy is that denied a legitimate adjoinment by Federal Court that was attended by Dallas County’s lead prosecutor but Bailey was not and which facilitated a erroneous ruling by that Judge. The motion to adjoin by the next defiant federal bankruptcy judge, anyway you start to get the convoluted part.
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