Wednesday, June 18, 2014


By Paul Bailey

The recent filing (of a Writ of Habeas Corpus regarding my illegal incarceration which proves evidence tampering) in Collin County of this pro se' defendant (pro se' means without an attorney- I now no longer trust them), Frisco Paul (that's me) provides proof that there’s no regard for the wrongfully accused and/or those who are actually innocent of charges as filed by the Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis (now up for reelection!).

The recent Michael Morton Act (named after the man who spent 25 years in prison and then DNA evidence proved his innocence) signed into law by Governor Rick Perry. The recent article by Randall Sims in the Prosecutor states that it “ushers in a new era in discovery for Texas prosecutors”. Each prosecutor is charged under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure art. 2.01 “not to convict, but to see that justice is done.” Unfortunately the law is not retroactive, is became effective January 1, 2014. By the way, the prosecutor that caused the investigation to be stopped prematurely only spent 10 days in jail himself!

Exculpatory evidence (that is evidence favorable to the defendant, also known as “Brady” evidence) has long been held to be required to be provided to defendants prior to trial. (We've already shown letters asking for this evidence (it was also requested by my “attorneys” prior to trial in boilerplate terminology, but of course, none of the attorneys actually sat down to figure out exactly what was NOT provided by prosecutors by listening to ME and my account of what went on that evening. And that they intentionally neglected the obvious. My friend, has done just that and the list is extensive. Not only that, but she also listened to the audio and was able to tell that something wasn't right about the “blank spots” (we have several posts on that) and so she set about finding experts who could explain what had happened. Several experts all agreed that evidence had been clearly tampered with and one expert who was formerly running for US Congress went so far as to state that “evidence was criminally altered”. By denying me exculpatory evidence, the Collin County DA, my own Public Pretenders Greg Gibbs and Mark Ledbetter, and now Judge Ray Wheless have deprived an innocent man his civil liberties and freedom. I am absolutely certain that all of this was brought about so that Frisco Texas Police Department could try to avoid Civil Liability for their mistakes and now their evidence tampering. One thing's for sure, they know that once you're in prison, it's not easy to get out, even if you've proven your innocence!

The recent Writ of Habeas filed in Collin County proves my innocence, along with evidence tampering, and requests a new trial, however, this motion would have been filed as an actual innocence filing had communications not been illegally interrupted for 90 days and my legal correspondence been hindered by TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice- actually that's a misnomer- It's really the Texas Department of Criminal INJUSTICE- (we will begin publishing the long list of complaints of illegal treatment and Civil Rights Violations actually committed by the TDCJ Officials- under the guidance of Warden Glen Whitfield very soon). How did TDCJ accomplish this? By filing a bogus disciplinary charge (my ID was stolen) and disrupting all commmuncations (including telephone privileges and interfered with multiple mail and incoming jpay communications.) The last bit of scientific forensic evidence proving my innocence (they were able to retrieve my warning to my son from the car audio-this was the part that had been erased from the lapel mic) had not been bought to my attention due to the interruption of both telephone and postal correspondence.

TDCJ has the ability to monitor all telephone and mail correspondence providing the so called Department of Justice and it’s cohorts in the judicial country club of corruption such liberties. If TDCJ decides you might actually be innocent they can have you thrown in the psych ward (as they did in Plainview) and separate you from your legal documents (they did this for over 8 weeks-when I got my papers back several grievance receipts had been stolen).

Formal complaints to the grievance committee PDC and the US Postmaster Inspector General Complaints and I was denied proper legal remedy.

Consequently the writ was filed as a motion for new trial, however that is only the beginning of the continuing injustice that I suffer at the hands of Collin County DA and Judge Wheless as they have since chosen to deny irrefutable evidence of actual innocence by filing a court action that demands the court to postpone justice just because they can. This in their action that says they have a designation of issues, regardless of the undisputable scientifically documented facts that prove evidence was altered (tampered) (and prove that I could not have committed the crime) that led to my being charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Now we have indisputable facts that prove the Frisco Police Department fabricated evidence illegally in order to apply a warrant and then subsequently illegally arrested me and framed me by the Frisco Police Department, Collin County DA and this court appointed attorneys Greg Gibbs and Mark Ledbetter and others I remain incarcerated as actual innocent man.

and then re-file a new one as absolute innocent shortly for a motion that might allow me to force their hand in order to identify the actual innocence claim which is what we have been discussing.

And it deserves a motion that will force them to identify an actual innocence claim that since I did not know of the last bit of evidence that my associate had obtained. How did they know that my communications would or how did they get it first? Do you suppose that my associate's phone is tapped illegally? How else could they have known and accomplished this feat so fast?

The claim that the charge that I was given was in my ID and was in my telephone privileges, answered within 24 hours, how convenient just before an election. This is why the DA and judges should not go unopposed.

Okay, that’s it, that’s what I wrote.

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