Wednesday, June 18, 2014


By Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey has learned the hard way that there are basic rules of law practiced by State of Texas. Bailey contends it’s imperative that everyone be confident of these laws, laws that provide the foundation for which the prison system is supplied a steady flow of occupants. Laws that represent precisely why district attorneys and judges, most specifically Dallas and Collin County but includes many others in Texas should not go unopposed in election.

Such is why, excuse me, I mean how district attorneys are able to maintain their totally unqualified conviction rate, they relearned these basic rules of law early on, it took Michael Morton 25 years of illegal incarceration to realize that these rules of law shrunk any legitimate judicial process.

Bailey does however also realize that the numerous acts of judicial misconduct that he has endured far outnumber those committed in Morton's case. He also realized that those that have participated in his highly illegal, malicious prosecution may not intend to for him to spend 25 years incarcerated, they intend to for Bailey to be released as soon as possible in a wooden box. Bailey continually asserts he fears only the one that can kill the soul not the body however.

As we said in our first edition of this article, the acts of judicial misconduct in the Michael Morton case paled in comparison to Bailey's case. The parties involved in the egregious acts of malicious prosecution range from multiple levels of the judiciary from local, county, state and even federal officials. The blatant violations of law in order to cover up malfeasance, dereliction of duty and police misalaniouism requires the best of the best of the most corrupt. Perhaps some participants may have thus far been reluctant participants, Bailey suspects Judge Ray Wheless is one. However Judge Teresa Hawthorne offered unfettered, pompous disregard for proper judicial procedure alliance quite willingly as is the Dallas DA and certainly his court appointed pretender J.R Crook (I mean JR Cook).

Which brings us to yet another violation/disregard for the proper judicial process and/or application of law. Cook’s participation revealed in his disregard for the properly filed, filing of a quash motion, J.R. Cook not only refused to file he left Bailey to argue the motion to the illegal indictment and Hawthorne allowed the DA to side step this quash and illegally charge me for a debt discharged in bankruptcy.

Had Cook had any regard whatsoever of properly defending Bailey, just let it be dismissed now. Even after prompting by Bailey’s daughter and numerous text messages and phone calls ending in a faux pas by Cook, deliberate faux pas we must add that ended in Bailey’s conviction.

So along with the obviously properly dismissed as civil dispute investigation by Detective Cox of the Dallas Police FBI Cyber Squad we shall include the disregard/ineffective council and by the way Judge Hawthorne, J.R. Cook was Bailey’s court appointed attorney at the time of the quashed motion contrary to your pompous remarks to my friend (her initials are DM and yes she prepared an affidavit of her mistreatment by JR Cook and Judge Teresa Hawthorne the day she went down to obtain a copy of the transcripts for me.

There are so many other illegal or illegalities such as allowing a postdated foreign power of attorney/affidavit to be submitted in the court by the so called victim and we haven’t touched on filing federal bankruptcy law by going so far as to include the quash as part of Bailey’s Writ of Habeas. Moreover, the malicious prosecution is obvious.

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