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Did Exposing Frisco P.D.’s Malfeasance Lead to the Murder of Det. Debra Stansell?

Did Exposing Frisco P.D.’s Malfeasance Lead to the Murder of Det. Debra Stansell?

By Paul Bailey


Sound like a bold question? Does it sound bizarre? Does it sound accusatory? I’ll let you make up your own mind. All I will insist on is that you keep an open mind, and consider all the facts. At least the facts that I can attest to, because they certainly differ from the “official Record”, at this point!

The “Official Record” is “SUICIDE”…at this point.

So, first let’s start with the “Official Record” (that my previous Defense Attorney Greg Gibbs told me, at least. After all he was a professional “Close personal friend” of the family). The official record says that Det. Debra Stansell (a seasoned and very stable and rational veteran Police Officer/Detective) committed suicide by first backing into her bedroom closet and then shoots herself in the chest with her pistol.

Now, consider that Det. Stansell is well aware that a chest wound/shot (regardless of how fatal) is not a quick death, as death occurs due to the brain ceasing to function. She would also be aware and gut shots are known to be both very painful and require 2-10 minutes before death occurs.

Please note: I am not attempting to dramatize Debra Stansell’s death, I am simply stating the facts.

So, Debra Stansell (a veteran Police Officer Detective) having what must be accepted as having specifying accurate, medical/biological insight and/or knowledge of what will and will not bring about a fast and rather painless death---- chooses a slow painful one instead.

My question at this point to you is that…does the obvious assessment of the crime scene investigators, that Det. Debra Stansell (a veteran Police Officer/Detective) had backed into a closet and then shot herself in the chest at close range, causing a slow painful death seem logical…
Does it seem more likely that someone that is being accosted and forced backwards into a closet at gunpoint in order to silence the gunshot? There certainly would not be any bruising on the body, because there would be a bullet hole where any bruising would have occurred.

Doesn’t it seem strange that a suicide victim would even go into a closet? Regardless of the fact such a gunshot would not cause immediate death, it would inevitable cause death, never the less.

Can I imagine that such an effective lethal shot would certainly a fact that Det. Debra Stansell would have known would bring certain death…so why hid or try to muffle the sound?

No suicide note? Regardless of my defense Attorney Greg Gibbs telling me (in a recorded conversation by the way) that Debra Stansell was not really his friend, that her husband McKinney Police Officer Derek Stansell (and his father, longtime friend as well) and that her marriage was not going well, that she had some rather serious health issues, and the fact that she had several young children cause her pause…so at least an explanation?

The fact that Greg Gibbs expressed his personal disdain for Debra and referred to her as a “Bitch” was the determining factor that motivated him to elaborate in our (recorded) conversation that Debra Stansell had experienced serious personal issues that had progressed into depression, “guilt” and/or psychological problems was how he had reasoned away her actions!

Mr. Greg Gibbs (my “so called” defense attorney- but really, I should call him a public “pretender”) was sure that Det. Debra Stansell had left no suicide note??!! But more importantly…

Didn’t Mr. Gibbs recuse (remove) himself as my defense attorney? Considering that he was a self-professed “close personal friend of the family” should have probably made me be more inquisitive, more cautious, but as I have said I was beat up severely by then.

My previous attorney Mr.  De La Garza (who I held in high regard at the time) had convinced me that Gibbs (and his side-kick Ledbetter) were uniquely qualified in my case since they were both ex-cops.

I realize now, this should have been an automatic disqualification, considering what I had already learned about the “comrades at all cost” mentality that cops have, but again I was beat up and worn out.

Would however, become the theme song of everything that has happened since then! Gibbs and Ledbetter prepared me like a lamb for slaughter, and the Collin County Prosecutors brought out their sharpest and heaviest meat cleavers and chopped me up in pieces and then spoon fed me to a hungry, trusting, and naïve jury!

My “Motion for New Trial” has been uploaded for all to read AND all it is allowed to reflect is what can be documented as said, presented evidence from the actual trial transcript. So until the new trial is granted it is but glance of what can happen to a defendant when the prosecution and “Public Pretenders” work together to slaughter a lamb that has unwittingly given it’s self up in trust!

Was “Sincerely Sorry” I had been told (by another female Frisco Officer) when I was arrested for the trumped up charge in Dallas by the Collin County D.A.’s partners is covering up real crimes that Det. Stansell was sorry about the outcome of my arrest in Frisco on June 29th, 2009, for which she was lead detective and acting commanding officer. The other female Frisco officer said “Debra never intended for the repercussion to be so severe on my life” and that she was certain that Stansell was sincere! She was still alive at that time, and I began to formulate the conclusion that she would “crack” and ultimately tell the truth about Frisco P.D.’s inept actions and that she knew that Officer Greer’s assertion that I had “Shot at or in the direction of him” as the indictment would later be amended to say was false!

Officer Greer’s actual words are clearly heard on his “lapel microphone” that he lied had in my trial.

He pointed that thing at me” is what he said. No gunshot is or was heard however.

If someone shot at you, what would you say? He shot at me…right! Hardly “He pointed that thing at me!”

But that never got fettered out in trial although the tape was played because my defense attorney instead asked him, “So (Mr. Bailey) popped a cap at you”!

Considering my defense attorney knew that was his fabrication none of this should come as a surprise to you either.

I must contend with the undeniable list of “conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution” that the Dallas County D.A.'s office, trial Judge Teresa Hawthorne, and my latest “Court Appointed Pretender” J.R. Cook offenses they have committed.

The list is extensive and the level of audacity, bold arrogance and total disregard of the rule of law of every level! (State, Federal, Criminal and Civil).

From Judge Hawthorne’s introductory rant, where she rudely denigrated my intellect, education and mental capacity to defend myself… and I quote “Well Mr. Bailey! Apparently no attorney is qualified to defend you! You’re obviously smarter than all of us that have spent eight years obtaining a law degree!”

I guess it took all of them eight years to get a law degree! I understand that the process generally only takes three years.

But who am I to offend or denigrate anyone’s mental and/or intellectual handicap that perpetuated a three year process to eight years!

All I know is that a criminal charge that was dismissed some 4+ years ago with instructions to me and my attorney Jim Baumgartner it was a civil dispute by Dallas Det. Cox of the FBI Cyber Force as is reflected on his emails referencing “Resolution Dispute” the Dallas D.A. attempted to have reborn as a criminal one. Even after filing an illegal indictment that Judge Hawthorne then illegally allowed to be “amended” (regardless of the many facts included starting with a 3 year old civil suit that attempted to pierce the “corporate veil” and ultimately cause me to file personal bankruptcy!)

Seems that even an attempt to single me out as he only defendant able to pay…even though I was but one stockholder and was NOT even the owner of the Dealer’s License!

I will attach the Filing is attached for all to read. I have no doubt that the Honorable Judge will rule to adjourn the Dallas D.A.’s lame attempt to make me lose my Appeal Motion for New Trial was the only real motivation, as this – our “obvious error” would have permitted them to alert Mr. J.R. Cook my public pretender just in time to throw it out and avoid an embarrassing trial!

Surprise! My (What did you call me Judge Hawthorne?… oh, that's right it was ”an arrogant fool”) eyes caught the error sooner than they anticipated.

Even though the Dallas D.A. continued on…Forcing me to file a motion to have a Bench Warrant issued to retain in time to appear at the hearing for New Trial…OR LOSE BY DEFAULT and will be well.

At this point all I want the Dallas D.A., Judge Hawthorne, J.R. Cook and everyone in the “Collin County Judicial Country Club of Corruption” to know is this…I will pursue all of you to the gates of hell and then STAND GUARD!
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