Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dallas Irregularities- Why would Judge Teresa Hawthorne Sign this Document and what was her motive?

Just another in a long string of irregularities on the Dallas Case.    with all of this happening in the same trial, there may be lawsuits for years!

In a nutshell this is what has happened:

1) Mr. Bailey was told that a key witness has long since retired (when he was not!),  
2) a discharged in bankruptcy debt being the reason Mr. Bailey was tried (what if Wall Street Banksters and  corporate raiders were held to the same standards?),  
3) a faulty indictment amended illegally and then the original indictment thrown out at the last minute thereby aquitting him, but the jury deliberated on the amended indictment (double jeopardy occurred in the same trial!),  
4)Judge Teresa Hawthorne denying Mr. Bailey trial transcripts so he can prepare for his appeal (knowing full well he is indigent), and 
5) now this document sent from Mr. Bailey showing another attorney that never worked on this case showing up as the Attorney of Record, when JR Cook was the attorney that sat beside Mr. Bailey at trial.


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