Friday, June 21, 2013

Collin County- The Silencing of Debra Stansell Frisco’s Detective!

The Silencing of Debra Stansell Frisco’s Detective!

By Paul Bailey

Evil employs strategic strikes, not indifferent to those employed by an invading conqueror with intent to pillage; plunder, rape and murder are evident in the latest judicial acts of both the Collin and Dallas County Prosecutors Office. Their intent and purpose is unchanged and their tenacity as ruthless as ever.

Their purpose and intent is to ensure that truth and justice is silenced, so the inept actions of the Frisco Police dept. that violated the civil rights of Paul Bailey of Frisco, TX go unexposed and unaccounted for.

Please review the facts yourself and let your eyes be opened to just what lengths both the Collin and Dallas County District Attorney’s office will stoop to in order to cover-up this cruelty and malicious prosecution at the expense of an innocent man’s life!!

All that is asked is that you not allow rather a naïve perspective to a corrupt judicial system…or apathy restrains your contempt.

It has NEVER been about prosecuting Paul Bailey for a criminal act, it has ALWAYS been about exposing the criminal acts of the Frisco Police Dept.

Did Detective Debra Stansell really commit suicide, just a few weeks before Paul Bailey’s trial, or is there a far more sinister intent to cover-up a greater evil?

Would a veteran police detective back into a closet and shoot herself in the chest (causing a slow painful death) or was she pushed into the closet to silence the sound…..and her?!?

Should it matter that the Collin County court appointed defense attorney was a very close friend of Det. Stansell’s husband?

OR…that the Dallas court appointed attorney has already said on the record that the error made by the Prosecution’s wording of the indictment, would have caused the case to be dismissed at trial, something he was unaware of BECAUSE he had never properly examined it...after over a year.
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