Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Open Letter from Paul Bailey to Judge Ray Wheless regarding his "attorney" Stephanie Duecker Hudson not contacting him

Preface:  Paul Bailey's Letter to Collin County Judge Ray Wheless, regarding the court appointed public pretender (Stephanie Duecker-Hudson) not contacting him.  His innocence is already proven (in the 200 page Writ of Habeas) and the Ex-Policeman has already been dishonorably discharged due to malfeasance in another case (endangering hundreds of other cases), but the damage was already done in Bailey's case.   Now he waits for Justice to be served.  

Paul Clarence Bailey #1833504
James Lynaugh Unit
1098 South Highway 2037
Fort Stockton, Texas 79735

August 14th, 2014.

Honorable Judge Ray Wheless:

I am                            I am writing the court in order to inform you that I have not been contacted in any manner [be it mail, electronic mail/JPay, telephone, nor visitation] by my most recently court-appointed public pretender Mrs. Stephanie Duecker-Hudson. I would not even know that I had been assigned an “attorney” unless someone on the outside had looked up the docket. My attempts at prompting Mrs. Hudson to contact me from the Lynaugh Unit and via messenger have met with no avail. All attempts have gone unanswered and unacknowledged, nor have I received a copy of the latest court’s ruling on July 1st, 2014 directing that Ms. Duecker-Hudson withhold new evidence from me. I also have not been provided the reason that any evidence is to be withheld as required by law.

Consequently, I assert that this malicious prosecution, travesty of justice, and lack of contact from my attorney, reeks as merely a continuation of the cover-up of law enforcement's vigilante mindset and framing and cover-up by law enforcement via falsified/tampered evidence. It also validates the participation of various judiciaries in and for the State of Texas contributing to said cover-up. I must personally appeal to the Honorable Judge Wheliss to put an end to this charade.

Ex-officer Scott Greer's latest malfeasance (that recently hit the news causing two counties to declare him unfit to testify) does not standalone because numerous irreconcilable events and attempts (including the District Attorney) at distorting forensic evidence that clearly disputes the actual timely events that further exonerate this innocent defendant—indeed this victim. I find it mildly hilarious that Frisco Police Department's “audit” after Greer's activities were made public, only went back two years, when they were well aware of his malfeasance in my case.

It has become clear to me that the intent is clearly to stall, disrupt the process, or attempt to create further confusion at hopes that I die in the process having been denied proper medical treatment. I shall challenge you sir, to a standard that affirms a God fearing man.


Paul Clarence Bailey
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