Friday, August 8, 2014

Numerous Irregularities in Courts in Texas! Bailey's been busy with the Texas Twenty Lawsuit

Here's a link to a lawsuit just filed by those known as the Texas Twenty.  Paul Bailey is one of the Twenty filing a class action suit against the State of Texas.    It is apparently being covered in the Hispanic media, but we've not heard of anything in the English speaking media yet.     The last link is a request to ask the AG to intervene in Texas.
In Paul Bailey's Collin County Case, the Judge appointed an attorney without his knowledge (who has never contacted him despite his requests) so they wouldn't have to bench warrant him back to Collin County, but in the photo below, you can see the docket says this Attorney couldn't reveal evidence to client.  (photo of docket is below)  The law says they are supposed to provide the reason they are sealing evidence, but they've not even told him via letter that he has an attorney!  We can only assume that this is an indication that Collin County has an open and ongoing investigation into whoever tampered with the evidence,  and whether the other officers also perjured themselves.  Whatever the reason, things are still odd and irregular in Collin County!

You might also be interested in what the magistrate did in his Dallas Case (links below)  They actually changed the respondant (the one getting sued) arbitrarily- then they threw it out and said it had to be filed in the court that made the error!  Crazy!  
At any rate take a look at the links below-  we promise it is worth the read!

Texas Twenty Lawsuit and other details of Why the Texas Reign of Terror Will Soon Be Over in Texas
By Paul Bailey
Background:   Texas' "laws" have not been certified as required by the Texas Constitution since 1977 thereby effectively taking away the rights of Texas Citizens.   That means everyone convicted by those illegal "laws" are held illegally.  It also means the property taxes as well as other forms of Taxation by Texas and its municipalities are most likely illegal as well- that would include the highly controversial Robin Hood school taxation issues, the ever increasing property taxes, franchise taxes, etc.  
Texas Twenty class Action Memo:
Texas Twenty Lawsuit:

Texas Twenty Quo Warranto:

Texas Twenty Motion for Leave and Temporary Restraining Order:

Also, we are including the latest on the Dallas Case- this is the case where the Bankruptcy Court failed to enjoin the fraudulent charges against Paul Bailey for a debt previously discharged in Bankruptcy.  Take the time to read these and you will be amazed.
60B Motion:
part 1:

part 2:

60B motion alteration at the court:

60B motion to correct styling (the fraudulent alteration at the courthouse):

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