Friday, May 9, 2014


Forensic Study of the audio and sound of the evidence used against Mr. Bailey has now revealed that  Scott Greer committed Perjury on the Stand when he claimed to be at Mr. Bailey's front door when Mr. Bailey called out "Get out of here Rick"  and fired a warning shot (Rick is the son who had been threatening him all week up to and including just moments before).  

Three things are very interesting about this:

1)  The blanked out spot found on the lapel Mic  is where Mr. Bailey's warning should have been heard.  THIS WOULD HAVE CLEARLY PROVEN THAT MR. BAILEY ACTED IN ACCORDANCE WITH TEXAS' CASTLE LAW.

2) The sound comes back on right afterwards.   If the audio times from the lapel mic and the car audio are synced then it is clear that the sound comes back on in time for the warning shot to be heard on the lapel mic.     IT IS NOT HEARD ON THE LAPEL MIC, CLEARLY SHOWING THAT OFFICER GREER WAS NOT WHERE HE CLAIMED TO BE AND NO ASSAULT OCCURRED!   IT IS HEARD ON THE CAR AUDIO OVER 100 FEET AWAY!

3) When we had this illustration created from photo evidence used against Mr. Bailey, we did not know that the warning to his son "Get out of here Rick" was to be discovered on the CAR Audio as well!   THAT IS NOT SOMETHING WE HAD EVEN CONSIDERED POSSIBLE, YET TWO EXPERTS WERE ABLE TO RETRIEVE IT!

This proves that Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, and ADA's John Schomburg and Lindsey Byers were only interested in putting someone behind bars and had absolutely no conscience about using falsified, tampered evidence.  This also proves Scott Greer perjured himself on the stand.

Bear in mind, that willful disregard of the law and proper policies and procedures by these public officials removes any immunity they think they have. So Mr. Bailey is well prepared for filing lawsuits.

The next question is why was the audio tampered with? (We've already posted several results of analyses of various experts that say this was tampered with)--- was it solely to remove Mr. Bailey's call out to the son he believed was outside and who had been threatening him for days?  That seems to be the most likely reason, but they still left so much on the audio that proves Mr. Bailey's innocense.  Including Greer's own statements that "I don't think he could see me though" and "have Dispatch call the (reporting party) and have him tell him (Bailey) it's the (expletive)  Police!". 

By not following proper procedures, the Police had allowed themselves and an innocent citizen (Mr. Bailey) to be set up by the son who had been threatening his father for nearly a week (as attested to by Jodie Mow in her affidavit and emails and texts on Mr. Bailey's phone) and had also stolen money and property from him that week. Consequently, Mr. Bailey fully expected to be robbed again (which occurred with the assistance of the Police)  and perhaps killed because of his son's threats (who also had terribly long rap sheet  75 pages included in the links below).         In actuality, the banging on his door in the middle of the night was a policeman that contributed to the confusion by not following proper police protocols.

  1. Officer Greer, violated protocols that would have protected everyone involved. Specifically he did not      

A.) wait for backup,

B) park his car in front of the house so it could be seen,

C) have his vehicle lights on, nor did he
D) identify himself when banging on the door with the butt of his flashlight.

Here are links to short excerpts.

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