Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Just a quick update to let his readers know that  Mr. Bailey's Pro-Se Legal Mail is being stolen at the Lynaugh Prison in El Paso.  Although this is nothing new, we've just now had the time to blog about it.   One of the first times this occurred, they threw him in the psych ward naked so they could separate him from his legal documents for a lengthy period of time so they could steal several documents and rifle through the rest to see if they could figure out his legal strategies.   We are told that this is a common strategy so if you have a loved one that is acting as their own attorney (pro-se), be aware of this,  especially if they are innocenct and exposing vast injustice, crimes, or the like-- of people who like to think of themselves as powerful and exempt from the rule of law!

One of the most hilarious examples  was a Manual written by prominent Civil Rights Attorneys was sent to Mr. Bailey.   They took it, said they were charging him around $9 to return it (it never arrived and that constitutes fraud), then they provided him a form listing the reason for not allowing him to have it and it was because it had a legal glossary!   A LEGAL GLOSSARY IS CONSIDERED CONTRABAND?   What a bunch of illiterate YAY-HOOS they must have running the place!   Just the type of sycophants the political crowd like to have doing their dirty deeds, not smart enough to know they are going down when everything is rolled out, but smart enough to follow directions to harass people like Mr. Bailey.     I've frequently called them the gang that can't shoot straight and it seems the more they screw with Mr. Bailey, the more laws and civil rights they break or violate!  Of course, we fully expect them to sing like canaries with things hit the fan and it's time to nail the guys calling the shots.

We've mentioned in the past that his legal mail has been withheld for long periods of time, documents removed from mailings, etc.   We even devised a system whereby we inventoried each document included on the outside of the envelope so we could tell if anything was missing.   At that point, prison officials began destroying the envelopes that were sent to Mr. Bailey so he could not see the inventory!.

The latest strategy that Mr. Bailey has discovered is that they take out documents, copy other documents and include duplicates of those documents in the stack so that he thought we just included extra copies of some documents.

We've now had to resort to scanning, logging, and documenting each document and tracking them with a cover page indicating the document and the number of pages to each document.

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