Monday, September 16, 2013

Syncing of Videos- Greer was too far away for his lapel mic to record the warning shot!

This is a paragraph from a new motion that illustrates just another failure of court-appointed counsel to defend Paul Bailey.

Finally, Counsel failed to sync the two audio files from the “Certified Video” and point out that after the 4 second blank spot on Greer's lapel mike, at 23:28:53 the audio comes back on but no gunshot is heard. In the car video, the gunshot is heard at 23:28:54. Both videos are time synced so the gunshot was not heard on the lapel mike BECAUSE GREER WAS NO WHERE CLOSE TO THE DOOR, or it would have been recorded. The part that was tampered with and removed from the audio, was Movant's warning to his son, Rick, because it proved that Movant acted in accordance with Castle Law.  

Take a look for yourself  (the "official" timestamps are below the video screen on each video)

This is the car audio

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