Friday, September 13, 2013

So what made Herbert Joe of Yonovitz & Joe change his initial opinion and then lie to Mr. Bailey's attorney and the court?

Two years ago, my friend Paul Bailey forwarded some texts to me.   I had no idea of the importance of the texts, but left them on my phone anyway.   Mysteriously, he lost them off his phone, but just the other day, I realized after he spoke about their importance to me, that they were still on my phone.  I snapped photos of the screenshots so that you could read them yourself.

The texts were sent to Mr. Bailey's then attorney, Raphael DeLagarza  and in those texts, the "court-appointed" authenticator gave him his initial feel for the "certified" tapes.

Now bear in mind that only recently, I have had these tapes authenticated by two technical experts that showed me the following spectral analysis proving erasure.  This is a picture of the two spots I was most concerned with.  The first is the 4 second erasure right before the warning shot that Mr. Bailey gave who he thought was the son that kept threatening him.  Note the large gap of nothing in the middle.  That shows erasure.

Then he authenticated the second tape with the 5 minute gap.

Now, back at trial, Mr Bailey's court appointed attorney knew about the 4 second gap (but apparently court appointed attorneys don't do much preparation since he didn't know about the 5 minute gap, and he asked about it at trial, but of course, since he was either stupid, lazy, or in collusion with the Collin County PD, and the prosecutors, he really didn't do anything to see if the Police were either lying or had no idea of the tampering at the time.  (I'll post the court record at another time--of course it's entirely possible that the tampering happened at much higher levels as the Police commander suggested that I interviewed right after the results.  Remember I posted at the time that he said I needed to go to the FBI).

Now we know that they were tampered with.

But back to my original premise.   What made the Court appointed "authenticator" change his tune?  And who else out there knows about it?  I'll tell you who, Barry Dickey, of, who actually did the work for Yonovitz and Joe.  I have just found out that Mr. Bailey was furious when he got Yonovitz and Joe's "report" saying nothing was wrong.  He called DeLagarza to find out who did the work and spoke to Barry Dickey.   I just called him myself and he clammed up.   Looks like he's scared.

Here are screenshots of the text Herbert Joe sent DeLagarza and that Mr. Bailey forwarded on.   Glad I didn't erase them!  Below them are screenshots of the "report" from Herbert Joe.   Wonder what it took for the PD to convince him to screw over Mr. Bailey?

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