Sunday, September 20, 2015

Frisco Paul (a Political Prisoner) will not be Silenced Part 1 of his MOTION TO SET ASIDE AND VACATE

Paul has filed a new motion that spells out multiple reasons why his judgment in Collin County is a void judgment as well as Default Judgment, both of which require immediate acquittal.   Remember, this is in addition to the tampered evidence that we covered in his Writ of Habeas.

We've posted the first page, but the entire document is in the links below, please spread far and wide.

The following is Part 1 of Paul Bailey's Motion filed recently in Collin County 366th District Court.

"The circumstances that validate the presence of a prosecutorial mandate,  totally out of control is irrefutably evident. All of this is predicated upon,   not a want of criminal prosecution, but to cover-up an EGREGIOUS   MALFEASANCE by law enforcement. This Defendant has not been   entirely held subservient to the archaic, methodically "designed for failure",   legal library within the "human trafficking” facility they call TDCJ. He   has continued his fight from behind prison walls bent on exposing the   real facts that prove his criminal prosecution was intent on silencing   his outrage of having been victimized MULTIPLE TIMES, 

1) first by a false arrest, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and false statements to the press,
2) then by a police-assisted theft, 
3) then by prosecutors and police using tampered and fabricated evidence after  a citizen exercised his constitutional rights by telling his story.    

This filing comes with free-world reference material that one citizen,   shocked at what the evidence told her, bent on justice and defiant of the   corrupt status quo. This is an affront to the hierarchy within a dynasty who would and did do anything OUTSIDE OF PROPER LEGAL PROCEDURES,   meant only to incarcerate and silence an innocent man. Any attempt   to disqualify this motion absent Pro Se regards, on procedural merit   is invalid and reeks of the arrogance previously shown by D.A.'s!"
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