Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Note to Readers:  This post spells out how banks can be used to damage those accused of crimes (even though innocent) to pull the financial rug out from under them so they cannot afford decent legal assistance to defend themselves.  In this case,  Bank of America pulled a previously approved loan modification from Paul Bailey so he could not access his equity to get an attorney to defend himself from the police abuse and police assisted theft that occurred in 2009.

By Paul Bailey, recorded and transcribed
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Undoubtedly, neither Donna Steinberg, Maria Pappa, Mario Pappa, Thomas A. Schroder, or Christian Choagua had any personal involvement. One or more of them will, however, likely have a recollection and/or insight into the highly suspect actions by Bank of America’s Home Loan Modification department (located incidentally only a few miles from my home in Frisco, TX). I reference the refused payment and therefore, certainly granted, loan modification of my home immediately after Frisco PD's vigilante malfeasance June 29, 2009.
The events since that time have been culminated in a malicious prosecution involving the city of Frisco, Collin County and Dallas County D.A.'s office and the bankruptcy court who heard the enjoin motion and denied it improperly stands as undeniable suspect motive that involves an ongoing civil suit between myself and Bank of America.
Yet to be revealed, is the exact executive within Bank of America’s Loan Modification department that the city of Frisco may have solicited being identified. The obvious egregious flaws shall assuredly solicit real prosecutions of its own merit when the underlings that facilitated the event, come under scrutiny of federal crimes. Properly assessed criminal penalties have a way of causing potential jail birds to sing like canaries.
There’s been thus far by the court, a motion for summary judgment granted. A highly improper granted motion for some judgment void of proper, legal premise. So, the court's actions may require a petition for quo warranto to remedy that injustice. Should that be necessary; so be it.
I make no reservations to exercise my rights to express my ultimate disdain to the circle jerk, kangaroo court proceedings that I have been subjected to, or shall I say “had inflicted upon myself” a proven, actual innocent man. Quo warranto serves a very good purpose. That purpose cannot be better represented in the words of our own late, great President Abraham Lincoln. "The people of the United States of America are the rightful masters of both the congress and the courts. Not to overthrow the constitution, but the men who pervert the constitution."
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