Tuesday, May 6, 2014


by Paul Bailey  Copyright 2014   May be shared anywhere with link to www.friscopaul.blogspot.com                             

Editorial Cartoons so often provide more than just a visual perspective.  As is the case in this one, the title, pretty much says it all.     Many have said that this once great country has fallen to depravity within our legislative representatives, corrupt police state mentality, and the fall from the grace of God (although there's no shortage of people playing "Christian").    Make no mistake, Texas leads the way!
Quite some time back, I coined a phrase that I feel best represents the "law enforcement" and judicial process in North Texas.  Though there are a few variations on the theme, I present here, the one that culminates my meaning...   "The Texas Good 'Ol Boy's Country Club of Corruption".   For the sake of argument, please acknowledge law enforcement, the judiciary (including both the prosecution and the courts), and those associated with various detention facilities (the jails and TDCJ).  They are a collusive farce of corruption, cloaked as Good 'Ol Boys.  Be they gun-toting, badge wearing, perjury committing, derilict in their duties, law violating, law enforcement or prosecuting attorneys, court-appointed public pretenders, court clerks, investigating officials, judges and/or the variety of jailers, guards, officers or wardens.   Really the participating members are in some capacity officials of the State of Texas.

Please note, the representation of the issues presented editorially:

1.  God is the one looking down on Texas.
2.  The Court House is Tilted
3.  The Court House is Crumbling and Cracked
4.  Satan is wearing the Badge of "Law Enforcement".
5.  The Scales of Justice are being trampled under Satan's Horse
6.  The Jail/Prison has barbed wire with Dollar Signs made into it
7.  The Scales of Justice are "tilted".
8.  The jail/prison is at the center of Texas
9.  There is fire all around "Law Enforcement".
10. The Blue Curtain of silence surrounds Texas.
11. And Finally, Satan is attempting to imitate God, but has the horse and the scales of justice all wrong....as is to be expected!

All in all the following cartoon represents what I have come to accept as the norm within the so-called Department of Criminal "Justice", Texas Courts, and most assuredly law enforcments total disregard for true justice.
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