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We recently located this post about Debra Stansell.  We don't know who posted it.  But this person points them back to Frisco Paul's Blog, so apparently we're not the only people that have questions.  They say to contact them, but there's no contact information, but the writer calls themselves "The Kid".

We will cut and past their post below- be sure and note there is some inside information revealed,  apparently they know that no swipes were done to check for gunpowder residue.

Did detective Stansell really commit suicide?

Almost 2 years ago, on January 31 2012, Detective,friend,mother and daughter Debbie Stansell was found by her Husband, Mckinney police officer, Derek Stansell  dead in her bedroom closet.
It is said that 2 of her 3 children were present in the house when Debbie "committed suicide" .
But let me ask you a few things, why would this loving mother and highly respected officer take her own life, with the ones she cared for most in the same house? How did the children not hear the gun shot? How did she get to the closet when just days before whe had surgery on her knee,and her creches were found in the living room? And the a big question is, why was no one brought into the station that night for questioning or gun powder swipe? I understand they were all in shock, but why was this just called suicide as soon as police arrived with no questions asked.. And why did Debbie's children get nothing from their mother? From what I've heard, the children all had a very hard time and had no help from Derek, who is apparently living life great. Whom also was seen with an ex wife just days after Debbie passing . It just makes me wonder, was Derek even taken back by this "sudden" death of his Wife? Or was he warned did he know that something was going to happen?
Debbie was involved with a complicated case referring to Paul Bailey, who had many questions of his own about the situation.
Just weeks before Bailey's trial Debbie was Pronounced dead.
Was this a cover up for the Frisco PD? Did someone kill her? Or was her family's lives threatened if Debbie did not take her life? So many questions left unanswered.. But everyone who was close to Debbie and knew her and her kids, knew that she would NEVER leave them, her kids were her everything. She made that very clear. And Debbie was not one to just give up in tough situations, which brings me back to thinking someone else is guilty of a crime and too this day is going unpunished. Everyone that thinks this way is to afraid to speak up, but Im done being quiet. DEBBIE STANSELL DID NOT KILL HERSELF. And its time we all spoke up about it.
Please visit for other information. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns

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