Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is there such a thing as the Right to Defend Yourself?

How about the right the defend yourself against the willful choice to ignore proper protocols on the job?

Don't be deceived.    Despite all the hoopla, there is no right to "self defense" anymore.

My son had been threatening and stealing from me all week.  I kicked him out of the house.  He called 911 and told them I was suicidal in the middle of the night.  He even lied to the 911 operator about his location.   The police came, did not park in front of my house, did not have their lights on, and did not announce themselves!   How was I to know it wasn't my son considering he'd been texting threats!   I yelled "Get out of here Rick!" and fired a warning shot!   I was railroaded at trial and am still fighting for Justice considering  the tapes have been tampered with.   Other tapes were not provided to me.   Guess what, the warning was erased!  CASTLE LAW IN TEXAS says what I did was lawful-but my attorney initially agreed to use that as my defense then refused during trial.

And when things couldn't get worse, I was prosecuted in Dallas for a debt discharged in Bankruptcy.  The Dallas Judge that allowed that was Judge Teresa Hawthorne.  The Dallas Assistant DA told me he could not subpeona a witness "since he had retired a couple of years ago".   They lied, his voicemail (according to one of my friends who had tried to reach him) said he'd be on vacation the week of my trial.   The Judge refused to allow me to attend a hearing for new trial in the case described above.  That puts her square in the middle of the conspiracy to commit malicious prosecution.  To this day, I have never been given transcripts of the trial or any appearances before the Judge, in direct violation of my civil rights.

Please share my story .   I now have to rely on a team of volunteers to share my story!

Thank you

Paul Bailey

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