Thursday, August 1, 2013

What was Judge Teresa Hawthorne of the 203rd Judicial District Court thinking?

Take a look at both of these documents.  They appoint the exact same Attorney April Smith in each document.  Take note of the duties that attorney April Smith is to perform.  Also note that these documents were signed within ONE DAY of each other by Judge Teresa Hawthorne.   How could she not remember a document she signed previously and not realize she just ordered an Attorney to do a job with an obvious conflict of interest?   By the way, Mr Bailey has had no contact from his new attorney.   Wonder why?  He believes this is to stall him from having this whole episode overturned.

Also note that the appointment of counsel for indigent defendant was posted on the court's website.   But the order designating issues was NOT posted on the website but WAS sent to Mr. Bailey.  How does this type of thing occur?  The final image is the stamped back of the order showing it was stamped by the court.

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