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What really happened in Frisco Texas That June night in 2009!

To what ends will law enforcement go to cover-up this corruption? And why have they set their sights so vehemently against one law abiding citizen? What is it that these government officials want kept silent, so badly? And why do the City of Frisco and Collin County's District Attorney fear Paul Bailey's story leaking to the public?
What really happened in Friso Texas
That June night in 2009!

by Paul Bailey

Those are just some of the questions that shall be addressed in this post, that I write now from inside T.D.C.J. Montford Psychiatric Medical Facility. A medical facility that their very own Psychiatrist has labeled me as being sent to “erroneously”. Erroneously, in an act of retaliation by the staff at the Formby Unit in Plainview, Texas, in an attempt to intimidate and cause me undue torment via the standards ofadmonition that is performed by T.D.C.J. in this due course of “normal procedure” that includes seclusion in an 12x12 cell, stripped naked with only one blanket (a piece of furniture top actually)!

To answer these questions I must first quote that old cliché “hindsight is 20/20”. Had I realized what lay before me years ago (before this nightmare came into full bloom) I would have been able to lay a course of defense and successfully expose the evil corruption for what it is; and have been able to defend myself successfully.

Little did I know that
20/20 news magazine
had such an appropriate title.

I now know why they call it 20/20 News Magazine because often times the news . . . the real story behind the news. . . is deeper and more allusive to the naked eye. Perhaps the word cynical would be more appropriate. Regardless, I, as often times is the case of so many, did not see the forest for the trees.

I did identify the true culprits and/or grave deficiencies within Law Enforcement. But I really didn't realize just how well I had identified the true culprits, nor did I realize the implication of my having identified the deficiencies and/or the depth those deficiencies stood to expose. Deficiencies in a system, so laced with innept, unqualified, and ineffectively trained personnel. Personnel/officers, sworn to “serve and protect” that for all intents and purposes perpetuates disastrous outcomes and false arrests.

Just this year, a 911 caller convinced the Dallas P. D. that a person in South Dallas had been bound and was being kidnapped, dispatched an array of officers to the location that inevitably got a man shot and killed. All along the caller knew that no such event had happened. In fact, the person/supposed victim was a member of a rival neighborhood gang at a known drug house! The caller accomplished exactly what he/she set out to do... disrupt and abolish their rival gang's drug dealing... that was infringed on their drug sales!

The innept, ill trained performance of Frisco Texas 911/Dispatcher Dellana Copeland (now in Prosper, Texas) and then Officer Scott Greer (now a “Detective” ?!) exemplify what happens when proper procedures and/or Federally Mandated Protocols are not adhered to. In Officer/Detective Greer's case it began with an improper approach, by himself, and was then vastly perpetuated to a volatile situation by his not including the most important part of confronting any welfare call, identifying himself as a police officer either by verbal announcement or by making himself properly visible!

Although Officer Greer's act of malfeasance made it obvious to him (that I was totally unaware the person at my door was a police officer), he made it much worse by attempting to pass on the consequences of his actions by lying! Saying “He pointed that thing at me” . . But then he added “But I don't think he could see me though”. Then he says “Call the dispatcher and have her call the RP and tell him it's the F*ckin' Cops!”


The video/audio of the altered/tampered with dash cam and lapel mic reveals these two things... what they erased was my attempt to assure my “visitor” was who I thought it was—my son who had been threatening me... the exposed burglar... that actually did rob me after the Frisco P. D. (actually with their help) solicited/allowed him into my house immediately following my illegal arrest.

My point in all this is that I have been wrongfully convicted, not in want of a criminal prosecution, but in order to cover two things. The first is that there are serious flaws in a system that may have had its roots in protecting those in need of a rapid response due to an emergency (all protocols) and second, to remember the exposure, and certain determination of malpractice and/or police brutality via violating both my civil rights and exposing me to almost certain “Death by cop” that quickly ensued due to Officer Greer lying about the actual events, involving his and my actions. All in all, exposing a failed system that depends on compitent operators that leaves the populus at large at the mercy of whatever the police claim are the facts and the consequences there of.

Imagine, if you will, that there are numerous such failed interpretations that are then responded to by like-minded officers that are innept at performing duties that they “deem are adequate, and/or unnecessary”. Duties that are outlined as the consistent and required protocols that are outlined within Federal Mandates, that they either neglect or “deem unnecessary” to perform, like “knock and announce” or wait for a second officer during late night hours. Perhaps the fact that the GPS system that pin points a caller's location, that is considered crucial should be a priority. And comparing the actual location to where the caller “claims to be”. Or determining some sort of identity of the caller that may validate their authenticity would be good. Especially since one is readily available and the other easily acquired via some sort of ID (such as a Driver's License). Someone saying he was calling from another State that shows a location in a neighboring local city may alert a competent 911 operator to require further validation. I'm pretty sure if a caller that seems to be rehearsing a script from a scene in a thriller movie might qualify as a concern to a competent 911 operator!

But, Delanna Copeland's innept actions didn't end there... By neglecting to follow a direct order by her superior “call the RP and tell him its the F*ckin' cops outside!” which would have ended the supposed barricaded man shooting at police officer(s) scenario/that the Dallas Morning News, Frisco's official website and numerous other media outlets began espousing, which was totally false!

So now you may be beginning to understand the stunning breadth of
both gravitas and incompetence which led to the multiple civil rights
violations/infringements that constitutes Frisco PD's malfeasance.

And you may now begin to understand why convicting and silencing me... never had anything to do with obtaining a criminal conviction on someone that committed a crime... Because I committed no crime, but a massive disinformation and character assassination campaign quickly ensued!

Why? Because $$$ and exposure of a nationwide system of crime “deterrment” that propogates innumerous false arrests, abuses, and feeds a criminal justice system, that serves up prison sentences... not justice.

The Texas Dept of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) should be entitled TDCI “Texas Dept of Criminal Injustice”... because it is fed by a “Police State Mentality,” that is staffed by innept, ill qualified/ ill trained Law Enforcement officers. Though certainly not all, but far more than what they would like the public to know about.
How many people do you know or been told of that have had officers go to the wrong address, arrive for too late, appeared misinformed as to the exact/crucial information, agitated and/or inflamed the consequences.... arrested an innocent man or woman! If you know of just one, consider you are just one in... how many people live in your city/town/community?!?!

But wait a minute. . . because you may not be getting my point! Texas has some 25% of all the incarcerated in all of the USA. How is that?

It is because Texas facilities and propogates a Law Enforcement Mentality that has it's sights... not on ending crime... but on catching and detaining as many “so called prisoners” as they can.

Law Enforcement Agencies in Texas no longer serve and protect the public. They control the public and serve as proprietors of the county jails and state prisons systems! A system that relies on the “Status Quo” to facilitate a steady flow of new “offenders” of the corrupt judiciaries... and as Collin and Dallas County for TDCJ.

Should you have the opportunity, you could read in the official court record the dialog that “facilitated” Officer Greer's testimony. In his cross examination, my “Public Pretender” Atty Greg Gibbs “leads him through his testimony by asserting that the “tampered with” evidence was a 'glitch,' that he was allowed to use his discretion in approaching my home alone (which is a direct conflict/violation of both Federal Mandate and Frisco P. D. procedures) and then goes on to boldly state for Officer Greer that he saw the muzzle fire from my weapon (an obvious and blatant lie that even the tampered evidence would have retaliated)... Retaliated if in fact my “Public Defender” would have attempted to defend me... not prosecute me.

The same “Public Defender” that states he was forced by Judge Wheless to take my case and is a ex-police officer at Plano, Texas and best friend of the commanding (now deceased) officer Detective Debra Stansell's husband who was in charge of my case. The same Detective Debra Stansell that he referred to me as “A bitch” is more than one occasion that supposedly “committed suicide” a few days before my trial. The same Detective Stansell that expressed sorrow for “what had happened to Mr. Bailey” to a fellow officer!

So there you have it. “Obvious to the most casual observer”...

A failed law enforcement 911/emergency apparatus that is proven ineffective and flawed daily throughout the U.S.

But... one that facilitates a virtually endless supply of “offenders” to the corrupt prison system throughout Texas.

That... supplies to TDCJ and the county jails with money that it collects via various inmate gouging entitles like Commissary Services, Telephone Service, treatment facilities and prisons.

Police officers that are trained in controlling the public not serving the public within a community of camaraderie that will cover-up, lie for and possibly even kill one of their own to keep the public from knowing their grave incompetence, vigilante mentality, and keep their innept brothers and sisters from being exposed for what they care!

These are not mere accusations, these are substantated facts with the contest of the events and charges for which I have been falsely accused at and illegally incarcerated.

It now remains to be seen if the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals is a party to this “Country Club of Corruption” or if they discern and facilitate justice based on the Facts and the Law.

I know I deserve at least a fair trial with the facts and actual evidence as the determining factors, and an opportunity to voice why!

What say you?!
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