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Texas, The Police State Part I

Texas, The Police State Part I

by Paul Bailey

Exploiting the overall deficiencies of the 911/Emergency apparatus brought down upon me the full force and wrath of “law enforcement” in North Texas! The horrors include a character assassination campaign of novel proportions, total financial devastation, and imprisonment.

What I inadvertently did was point out the dangers of the improper and inadequate use of established procedures/protocol of our nationally instituted emergency response system.

Admittedly, I actually went even further by exposing and calling to the public's attention how the aforementioned apparatus can exploit the human element via inept, and ill-qualified officers. The absence of an aptitude test could not be more serious.

What should be a fierced operational system with participant qualification bier to that of our military's special forces, is in reality a system that has been easily exploited to the extent that it has been used in South Dallas by rival gang members to retaliate against one another.

So, I guess I should relent as the person that has exposed just how the 911/Emergency apparatus can be exploited. I must also confess to being the unwilling person that has exploited such, as I have in all reality been the only one that has suffered the consequences of doing so!

I have decided to present the irrefutable facts that verify the deficiencies are real, and why they have caused me so much personal grief.

First and foremost, determining the validity of a “welfare call” should not be done haphazardly nor should it fall upon the shoulders of an ill-qualified officer. The culmination of a uniquely qualified individual, that has foregone the appropriate aptitude screening and then been subjected to rigorous, redundant training exercises should be the mainstay as to the qualifications.

There should be a level of training, required by the rigors of the assignment. The psychological requirements of these types of emergencies (welfare calls) present circumstances that require an individual/officer that is engaging these type of circumstances/situations to be keenly astute to the volatile situations that so often can contribute to success or failure. The line between the two is not always distinct, thus the need for discernment, and the consequences can often times literally be life or death.

Determining the validity of a welfare call should not be based on the same criterion that domestic violence calls, but as in my case that is exactly what happened. Domestic violence calls present vastly different circumstances and like procedures/protocols will inevitably invoke vastly different consequences, often times with devastatingly different outcomes! As was in the case of the one at my house June 28, 2009!

Perhaps the fact that Copeland, the 911 operator, who was woefully ignorant and ignored the one big “red flag” that should have tipped her off which was the GPS locator indicated he was in Texas when he said he was in Oklahoma. Anyone who listens to the recording, could pick up numerous inconsistencies and a melodramatic dialog that reeks of a con-game... not of someone having genuine concern!

Perhaps, but then again not better rivaled then Officer Green parking his squad car three houses away from the calls located, turning off all interior and exterior lights, walking in the dark without any aid of his flashlight... then using that flashlight as a club to pound on the door... of someone who is suppose to be (as recorded on his audio) suicidal, extremely depressed, in possession of a handgun that supposedly said “would be better of dead.”

I am not sure which of the two can take claim the greater dereliction of duty. So, I will suggest that they share the podium of “perpetrators of malfeasance” or “Frisco P. D.'s Not so Finest!” Both are examples of what NOT to do on a welfare call emergency.

The events of that evening that further substantiate the fatally flawed 911/Emergency apparatus were demonstrated by the commanding officer that then succeeded in allowing the fiasco to continue that Copeland and Green had set in motion.

Detective Debra Stansell (since deceased by suspicious circumstances), with the help of Det. Sartain would assume the position of dereliction of duty by furthering the inept response. Instead of pausing and rewinding the audio and video portions of Green's dashcam and replaying Copeland's 911 Dispatcher audio recording and reassessing the situation, they stormed full speed ahead into assassination vigilante-mode that is inscribed in the Fraternal Code of Law Enforcement handbook that says “If we even think you shot at one of us we're all going to shoot you for real!”

Please forgive my sarcasm, as it is quite hard to describe what seems to be an accepted mindset of “law enforcement” and, in addition, with numerous media outlets airing NYPD Blue and Blue Bloods, is a pre-programmed public opinion. Though I clearly have a bit of rage as a result of my persecution, I believe the real time events and facts substantiate that my rather colorful depiction is nevertheless appropriate.

One must conclude that there was no effort made to re-evaluate or second-guess a potentially volatile situation that if it were handled haphardardly could assuredly cultivate an outcome that would require a significant amount of justification and verification.

Had a neighbor not been listening to his police radio and overheard the events, thus alerting the media, one must readily accept that the outcome would not have been good... for me! My “Public Pretender” Greg Gibbs, an ex-cop told me numerous times that “had” I done that in Dallas he would not be representing me, I would be dead! There was never any apprehension as to Mr. Gibbs assertion, no tone of sarcasm, certainly not human, only a matter of fact reiteration throughout “so-called perception for trial conferences”! And I do believe he was serious and that his assertion was accurate. Perhaps the only accurate or true thing he ever said to me.

So, by perpetuating an improper response by wholly unqualified police officers the extent of the repercussions of this failed/flawed 911 apparatus became exasperated by the assembly of a highly armed armada of law enforcement that is not intent on dealing with a welfare call but responds with aggression, intent confronting a violent domestic dispute!

Does this sound a bit familiar? Something similar happened just recently in Fort Worth.  Just click on the link below to read more about it.

                                             copyright NBC DFW

Law enforcement never respond to a shooting with an attitude of investigation, they always respond in a defensive and/or vengeance mode.

And that is not my opinion... that has been the reaction of literally every law enforcement officer I have presented this exact story/scenario to, regardless if I told them before or afterwards of both of Copeland and Greer failing to follow (even the standing) Federally mandated procedure/protocols. In every event I've been told “You're lucky to be alive or I cannot believe they didn't just storm your house and kill you!”

Now please... go back and re-read that last paragraph so to grasp the true audacity of what these law enforcement people have told me... without exception! Regardless as to anyone of them expressing their disapproval and/or disdain even, of the events that have unfolded since that day... All of them have chosen to give the police a pass... and say that my death would have and should have been the outcome. [Are you getting this? Have I in someway failed to explain that the “mindset” of our law enforcement places a higher priority on giving the inept, ill-qualified, illegal actions of this, fellow officers a pass... over my being allowed to live, and expose this ill-perceived, improperly handled response apparatus!

I have not encountered one law enforcement officer that has agreed with what Copeland or Greer did... in principle... but neither have I encountered one that feels their actions rise to the level of exposing law enforcement greatest farce of all “to serve and protect call 911”!

Why is that?

Well there is a big reason, a real big reason. I didn't say a good reason. I said a BIG reason. And that reason is very sinister and just as “in your face” as the fact that law enforcement don't care if you know that your life is expendable... but the 911 emergency apparatus is irreplaceable.... as far as they are concerned.

The next part in this series Texas... the police state will point out why “to serve and protect call 911” really means “To control or arrest... we create our own emergencies”

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