Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Crazy Stuff from Judge Teresa Hawthorne's Court

We may not speak "lawyerese", but we can tell if something isn't right or ethical.

Notice the stamp that is on the back of the Order Designating Issues.    Look below at the stamp and the "Order".   There are multiple things we are concerned with when we look at these documents.

1)  Is it customary for a document to be "Witnessed" the day PRIOR to it being ordered by the Judge?  Scroll down and note the date the order was signed by the Judge.   This stamp appears on the back of the "Order designating Issues".

2)  When you combine the fact that the SAME attorney (was appointed by the Judge to do this function, when the day PRIOR she was appointed to represent Paul Bailey- how do you account for that?

3)  The appointment of this attorney, is on the docket (see below), but was NEVER SENT TO PAUL BAILEY AND THE ATTORNEY, APRIL E. SMITH,  HAS STILL NOT RESPONDED TO HIS REQUEST FOR CONTACT- we are attaching the image of the certified mail return receipt below.    How was he supposed to know that he had an attorney appointed without a letter from the court unless a friend or family member happened to see the docket.  Remember, he had no attorney that was monitoring his case.

4)   This "Order Designating Issues" (for the court) was sent to Paul Bailey in prison, BUT IT IS NOT ON THE DOCKET.

You can see for yourself by clicking here and typing in F1200810 if you'd like to see the latest interactive version of the docket.  We've preserved the images above and below of the dockets for posterity and evidence as future needs may dictate a history.

Under the old case, this is what you see.

Just another in a long list of crudely hilarious missteps by the "court".  Apparently, these lawyer types think no one will know the difference.

We think Judge Hawthorne has higher ambitions after looking at some of her opinions, and the fact that she calls herself a "Democrat" and in a Red state doesn't have much competition in primaries.   Democrats are supposed to believe in equality and fairness for all people,  even poor people.  Trust me, I don't want her type representing me on anything.   We hope someone runs against her next year.  We plan on providing all these documents to her opposition.

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