Tuesday, July 9, 2013


by Paul Bailey

Having now been incarcerated in T.D.C.J. for some 5 weeks I most attest to being reminded that I am now “property of the State of Texas”, an “Offender” that is treated worse than the slave owners treated blacks during that horrible time in history this country was subjected to some 150+ years ago! I did say “worse” BTW!

After leaving the Middleton Unit and being sent to this hell hole called Formby, I have been reminded once again that human dignity means nothing to these people as you are paraded nude in front of male and female employees of “THE Beast” that is called T.D.C.J.!

Should you have a personal objection to every and any form of profanity and verbal abuse that includes insults to your mother, father and our Heavenly Father you are told to “get over it” you are reminded that you are “Property of the State of Texas”, you are an “Offender”, you are not human so human rights do not apply to you!

Perhaps the most “offensive” part of being an “Offender” is realizing that you are and will be continually subjected to the humiliation of your “decency” and verbal abuse regardless if you have done anything that is considered a violation of “The Beasts” regulations! In fact you are and will continue to be a participant in any and/or everyone’s torments, known as “The Beasts” everyday operational procedures by the staff!

You will begin your day at approximately 3 AM by being awaken for breakfast. Although you will have only slept some 2-4 hours you will be subjected to bright lights and yells of “Get ready for chow…get up or get left out! “Only to march outside about one block in the cold, rain, sleet, snow or any other form of weather you may be blessed with.

When you arrive at the “Chow Hall” you’ll have to grovel through the trays and sporks (?) and try to find one of each that are not too dirty/stained. (Although a single soaking in bleach water I the many 55 gallon containers overnight and then washed once a week would clean and sanitize them…IT IS NOT DONE NOR DO I KNOW WHY. Perhaps bleach is more expensive than I recall, and they have a shortage of man power!...NOT! The opps (?) I mean “Offenders” would I know volunteer to do it.

The kitchen itself is so vile and unsanitary however I am not sure if any such thing would serve a purpose! I have been told so many stories from so many inmates (opps there I go again…) “Offenders” about roaches, rats, mice, snakes (including a snake falling on a table while offenders were eating!) that verifying then personally would only be redundant! The food facilities here at Formby are not fit to serve animals at a control center, let alone for human consumption! Should anyone wish to challenge this assessment/fact I invite them to Formby! (Oh, I guess you’ll have to check with the warden, I’m just a lower than life offender owned by the State of Texas).

And, when you do get to the vile place called the “chow hall” be prepared to eat in less time than the human body was meant to! I have timed the walk from my own  cell to the chow hall, eat and then walk back (about one block) at between 15-20 minutes! REALLY! You will sit for about 7-10 minutes and then hear “Pick it up…Row 1-2 etc.” They move full grown men through faster than livestock and with far less regard for their ability to eat and digest their food! REALLY!

Texas has succeeded on removing God from every aspect of social justice! You are guilty until proven innocent, and if they can’t convict you of what you are charged with they will make up a charge AND if you won’t “sign for your time” they will torment you in their county jails by repeatedly putting you through their “You have court today” torture until you do or you die, get sick or croak and sign just to come to state 2 of hell of the so called Texas Judicial system!

These people represent the devil in his purest form, they are evil and enjoy being evil!

Come Lord Jesus Come!
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