Thursday, July 4, 2013

Dallas Case: More Information

Mr Bailey received a different document from the Judge that is not listed online for the case.   He is reading it in the audio attached.   How can a court appointed attorney represent Mr. Bailey and also NOT represent Mr. Bailey by being an independent fact finder for the court?

Also how can Mr Bailey answer specifics if the Judge will not give him the court transcripts and supporting evidence requested in the show cause document?    These documents were also requested by someone Mr. Bailey gave power of attorney to and she was accused of "practicing law without a license".   Yes, we will post the affidavit soon.

How can a previously discharged in bankruptcy debt become a crime?

How can a faulty indictment, be amended illegally, be then thrown out (thus clearing him of the crime) and then the amended indictment (for the same transaction), be allowed to stand and then result in double jeopardy in the same trial?   This crazy stuff can only happen in Texas!

Here is a recording created using HT Professional Recorder:

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