Thursday, April 4, 2013

Collin County- Tape Authentication Discussion

 I've already posted the reenactment with the overlay from the police tapes where you can hear the Officer say "but I don't think he could hear me".  That alone, had I been a jurer would have made me declare Mr. Bailey innocent.    With that in mind, please take a  moment to read what the authenticator has to say about a gap in the tape.   

I have two questions about this:

1) Given that the tape has a gap already, that indicates tampering, why didn't they just erase the quote of "but I don't think he could hear me."?    Well, that would be because too many people were witnesses to that quote.

2) Why did Officer Moore perjure himself on the stand in Dallas when specifically asked about this?  And why did the Judge not allow Mr. Bailey to play this tape, which clearly shows he perjured himself?

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