Monday, February 11, 2013

Paul Bailey- An interview with Mr Bailey

Click on the link to listen to an interview with Mr. Bailey, in which he sheds some light on how he got where he is today. He believes that by subsequently exercising his 1st amendment rights and starting a blog, he became a real thorn in the side of Collin County! So what happened? The Collin County prosecutor and the Dallas County prosecutor conspired to resurrect an old discharged in bankruptcy debt and they called it a theft- from an incorporated business and are charging an individual for a corporations debts! That is after the purchaser disappeared for months on end and consequently refused acceptance of the item he purchased!

Dallas prosecutors, along with the blessings of the judge, amended the indictment AFTER the trial but they did it with major FLAWS, then told the jury to deliberate on the NEW FLAWED indictment!

See the earlier posts about subsequently botched "welfare call" which resulted in his son having his father removed from the home so he could steal from his father (he is now serving time for exactly what his father feared) except he did it with the help of the Frisco Police Department.   Now Mr Bailey is serving time for firing a warning shot INSIDE his home because the PD did not follow proper procedures and announce themselves so that he knew it was them and NOT HIS SON rustling around in the bushes! He even talked to 911 about it! Several hours later when he was asleep, dozens of police, a swat team, and who knows who else, surrounded his home and through something through his kitchen window!

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