Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Collin County- How far will Chief Todd Renshaw go before he reveals the near deadly travesty of justice

You would think that any police officer that clearly violate a citizen's civil rights would require and/or be deserved of  being called to task by their supervisor, and in certain circumstances [perhaps those considered more extreme] by even the Police Chief.

 It is apparent, that Frisco Texas' Police Chief Todd  Renshaw is not willing to do anything of the sort. 

You may not know ....yet. But you really need to understand ....that Frisco's Chief Todd Renshaw knows that should the evidence come to light, it WILL reveal a dark cloud  hovering over head, consequently he feels he is quite certain that he, as is so many of his officers is  already vested, and Frisco's Chief Todd Renshaw is in it for the long haul, determined to continue down the river of denial at any cost. 

The citizens of Frisco Texas, should know about their Chief of Police's numerous appeals to the Texas Attorney General's Office attempting to withhold information, pertinent facts, actual evidence, videos and/or tapes of communications between officers will eventually reveal the numerous attributing actions / interaction and/or verbal communications that incited a .......potentially lethal situation!!! The "Assassination Squad"...of the Frisco P.D., ....nothing less that an "Assassination Squad"

Just why did Frisco's Police Chief allow his Department to go to great lengths to block the release of video and/or verbal communications including the 911 recordings, that I requested from the Texas Attorney General's Office. ............It is obvious NOW that the 911 operator was taken in by a con man. but regardless..... why has the involvement of the 37+ Frisco Police Officers that had surrounded my home that night after 1 A.M, while I slept not been called to task ?!?

It seemed to inescapable.......  impending death was unavoidable!  The repeated emotionally charged words of a professional negotiator, that night of June 29, 2009, still ring in my ears, and pierce the essence of my soul ! Hardly would it be considered a  normal verbiage..... ANYONE would expect from a "professional negotiator", that night.

It would be only.....the woman's passion, ....her intense emphasis .....that struck a cold chill down my spine, and brought me to a full alert ........and after only moments earlier having been in a sound sleep.

The woman said it to him over and over again, never losing her intensity of tone or sense of urgency in delivery.....and it REALLY DOES ......still ring in my ears, and pierce the essence of my soul ! Hardly would it be considered a  normal verbiage.


Surrounded by some 37+ police officers ....that had several city blocks corralled off, ...snipers deployed, S.W.A.T vehicles parked just a few house down from my may think .....might cause.... or even seems to point to the incidents of that night having apparently evolved........... into something far more ominous .....or potentially more volatile to possibly a "lost composure", at least?

Mr. Bailey was not arrested until nearly 4 A.M., so why are the recordings that were finally turned over to Mr Bailey all blank from about 1 A.M. on.

 The A.G.'s Office did rule that they all had to be released [after numerous attempts to block their release] and there is no mention of an order to release some type of edited versions. And why is The City of Frisco allowed to post a story on the city website about Mr. Baileys arrest and the events of that evening that perpetrates a lie and publicizes false information as to the conduct of the attending and arresting officers. Is it because the lies reflect actions that the officers "should have taken" when approaching Mr. Bailey's house June 28th,2009...are in accordance to proper police procedure and/or protocol ? Proper procedures were absolutely not followed, so one must suppose that should a potential juror read the "fantasy report" it will stick in their mind and they will cast a vote that would cover-up the police's misconduct !

 Chief Renshaw and the Collin County Prosecutor's Office have gone the distance to with hold plenty !And they are apparently quite content to first let the pending criminal charges of Assault with a Deadly Weapon drag on and on. The process serves them well  to circumvent any concerns of any civil suit Bailey may want to bring, and that is exactly why they are content to use Judge Wheless' court room as a place to play a form of legal shuffle board. The A.G.'s Office said release the information....and they did, dropping, deleting, omitting a little here a little there.

 Regardless of the fact that the Collin County Prosecutor knows they don't have a cold chance in hell of getting a conviction, their purpose will still be well served. Time will pass and memories will faulter and it won't matter if Mr Bailey is eventaully found not guilty because the numerous civil rights violations that would [and should] cost the City of Frisco dearly will hopefully, slowly but surely get lost in the shuffle of injustice and Frisco (Texas) alleged interest in serial killers that worries the DA's...may be their way of hiding the revealing  real  present day killers,.... instead of those of days gone past !
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