Thursday, November 5, 2015

Collin County DA Greg Willis used FORGED EVIDENCE as well as tampered audio evidence

by Paul Bailey

I recently found a document that I had never seen in my Collin County case, which we have discussed often.  That led me to determine that something was not quite right regarding State's exhibit 7.   When I pointed this out to my friend, she started looking through the other signatures and found another that was suspicious in State's exhibit 6.

Here is the link to the two forged documents (the forensic document examiners report is below).

These are the reasons we had a problem with them:

1)  in the first paragraph "undersigned authority" is spelled wrong, meaning an automated boilerplate system that I would expect them to use in the police department was not used.
2) It was dated nearly a year after I was arrested, and we are to assume they have whole new revelations about what happened that they now need to elaborate on?
3) It's the only place we can find that she used her middle initial.
4) It does not appear on the discovery disk.
5) By prosecution then using the same document a few pages later with underlines, we believe it is this document that was weighed most heavily by jury.
6) Prosecution did not hand this document to me before they got it entered into Court Record.  I had never seen this document until a couple of months ago.
7) The story is too embellished. But by this time, a year later at least, they knew they had issues, because I wouldn't plea to anything since I knew there was a big blank spot in the lapel mic.    I also knew that the phone call to my daughter was nowhere on any of the tapes. They needed a slam dunk because they knew I would end up suing them for allowing my son in the house after I had requested they not do so and he took off with everything he could carry right past the cops.   My son was in fact arrested the next day for stealing my identity.

In fact, our expert confirms both signatures are a forgery!

Key pages from Forensic Document Examiner

Forensic Document Expert's entire report

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 Collin County Corruption, Collin County District Attorney Used and Endorsed Tampered Evidence at Trial, Void Default Judgement,